It Was Meant To Happen (Part-1)

“Congratulations! You have been selected for the final round.” A guy came out of the auditorium and told this good news to Akriti.
Akriti’s jaw dropped. She took a minute or so to digest the fact and when she did, the first thing which came in her mind was to call the love of her life, Shrey. The man behind her upcoming success and the one who inspired her to chase her dreams.
As she called him, he took no time to pick up the call. He was waiting for the call impatiently in his office.
“Hello.” She said in a low voice.
“Hey! What happened? Did you get selected?” Shrey questioned her anxiously.
A complete silence followed and there came no reply from Akriti’s side.
“Speak up. I am getting impatient with every passing second.” He added and then Akriti burst into a huge laughter.
“Arey, don’t get impatient stupid. I got selected for the final round.” Her eyes twinkled, happiness could be felt around her.
“I knew you would make it up to. I am damn happy. I love you.” His voice was enough to tell anyone that how much excited he was hearing the news.
“They are calling me for the final round, I love you too.” She said and disconnected the call.
Shrey kept his phone on the table and waited for her call. He was elated and contended for Akriti’s success and in no time he went back through the memory lane. He remembered how she struggled hard to come at this point and how the world was against her to become an actress, even her family was not supporting her to follow her dream.
She had to leave her home to be with his love- Shrey and follow her dream. She had no guilt for doing this because her family never supported her and never loved her. It was only Shrey who had faith in her dreams, who loved her from all his heart. For a girl, no man can love her as much as her father, but Akriti hardly missed her family because Shrey cared for her like her daughter, loved her like she was the only thing in the world he wanted.
Shrey was looking at his mobile phone and lost in his thoughts. He remembered the day when he saw Akriti for the first time, an innocent girl with beautiful brown eyes, rosy lips and dark black shiny hair. She made him a victim of love at first sight and it’s been four years of their relationship but she still made him fall for her a little more everyday by wearing heartwarming smile on her glossy lips.
Shrey came to his senses when his phone started ringing, it was Akriti on the other side.
“Shrey, My Love! I’ve been selected, our dream has come true baby. I will be the lead actress for a TV serial Shrey.” She said at once and her happiness could be felt by her voice, she was on cloud nine.
Suddenly there was complete silence, Shrey did not say anything.
“Baby! Speak up, I know you are happier than me for my success. I’m here just because of you but I want to hear from you.” Akriti insisted him to say something.
“I love you Akriti! Being someone’s beloved is easy but being his pride is achievement. You’re my pride, was always and will always be. I had no doubt that you’d be here one day but you have proved it to the world too. Congratulations my love!” He unfurled his feelings.
“I wish I could hug you right now, I’m feeling alone here Shrey” Her excitement disappeared suddenly.
“Baby you’re not at all alone. I’m always with you. And I’ll be in Mumbai by tomorrow evening to celebrate these special moments. I’ll do my best to shift there as soon as possible as I can’t leave you alone there for too long.” Shrey tried to make her feel that she was not alone.
“How can you love me so much Shrey?” She said.
“You are meant to be loved stupid.” Shrey laughed.


Soon after that he got a transfer to Mumbai and they both settled down in a live-in relationship. Life was good having each other on their side. They used to spend an ample amount of time with each other which was enough to make them happy. Sometimes, she would take an off from the shoot and sometimes Shrey would drop by to give her a surprise.
But the smooth going love is only expressed in fairy tales. The real life love is always away from everyone’s imagination. Shrey couldn’t foresee the storm which was soon going to surround his life. A new male lead joined Akriti’s serial, little did Shrey know, Akriti was getting attracted to the charm he was reflecting through his face. Manik, dark complexioned, 5’10” in height, dimple on his right cheek and well-built body. In short, he was the perfect example of tall, dark and handsome personality. He was making Akriti go gaga over him.
After the day, Manik started the shoot and made Akriti weak in her knees, her behavior towards Shrey became uncanny. Though Shrey always misunderstood it with her work pressure. So he stopped asking her questions which he thought would annoy her and make her lose her mind. He started giving her own personal space.
It was Sunday morning and Shrey was in no mood to continue his office work. He was hell bored at home. Akriti left early morning for the shoot and he was already missing her. Shrey being extra ordinarily romantic, planned a dinner date for her in the evening and soon left to surprise her. When he reached there, what he saw made him miserable. Akriti was busy laughing on Manik’s stupid jokes while the shoot was packed up. She never took so long to come home.
“Hey baby.” Shrey went to Akriti and side hugged her.
He could make out from her eyes that she wasn’t pleased to see him there. Half-heartedly she introduced both of them and soon left from there with Shrey. When they reached the venue, her eyes didn’t shine seeing the best date on the terrace of the restaurant. Instead she asked something which stunned Shrey.
“Why did you come to the shoot?”
“What kind of question is this Akriti? You never asked this when I used to come before Manik entered the serial.”
“Don’t drag him in between.” She raised her voice.
“Oh! Yes, I would. Since the day he has come in your life, you have almost forgot me. I never say anything that doesn’t mean I don’t understand anything. You don’t like spending time with me and you don’t like asking me you questions. When was the last time we have spent time together? It feels like ages Akriti.” He lost his temper finally.
And without saying anything further, Akriti went from there. Shrey didn’t stop him either.
Was it all over between the two? Did fame change Akriti completely? Did Manik was to take Shrey’s place in Akriti’s life?
All the answers are in the next part. Stay tuned. Happy reading.

Story by Ashwani Shakya and Samridhi Garg.


The power of ‘SHE’ ♡ – Happy women’s day ♡

Thank You Ladies


She is a little messed up,

She is a bit complicated.

She is a precious gem,

She is a generous soul.

She was born as a daughter,

She became sister.

She had been a best friend,

She turns into a soul mate.

She grew her child in her womb,

She finally gave birth to another precious soul.

She raised her child as a best mother,

She gave her whole life to others.

She who was born as a girl is now a woman.

Happy ‘us’ day to all the ladies out there.


Happy women’s day to every mother, sister, daughter, wife and a best friend. Shout out to all the women out there who never stepped back from their responsibilities, who always stood up for those whom they loved, who all never seemed broken even when they were, who all believed in themselves when others did not.

You are all…

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Lives are precious than Reservation, Stop Burning Haryana….

OBC, SC, ST, and General. This is how people are categorized in India. Wow! This is how India works, dumping the actual talent into the bin and accepting the people according to the reservation criteria. It’s not that reserved people are not talented, here we are talking about equality. In what way our government providing us the ‘equality’?

Above all, the people who proudly say they are Indians and would change it one day, blame others for making this incredible country intolerable. What is their contribution for India? So many questions, still the answers have not been found. So many plans people must have thought for making India a country to live in but where are the executions? Not even a single person is going to take the blame.

People come in front only when they have to fight. Alas! Not for the right thing. The latest example, the Jats reservation. Okay! They wanted the reservation quota. But the way they demanded it, was that even close to the word ‘right’? Burning vehicles, buildings, schools, creating chaos, not even letting the people walk on the road safely, and killing people. The best formula for making people agree for the demands. Isn’t it?

Did they burn their own homes? Did they kill their own family members? No! They killed others, left their families to mourn in pain and watched the drama with entertainment. Also, they demanded for money for the Jats they lost in this battle, according to them, who sacrificed their lives.

Battle. Duh. Sacrificed life. Bullshit. Ask the soldiers who daily fight the battle and sacrifice themselves, not for their own good but for the sake of the country. They die for the country’s peace but did we sleep peacefully? NO. There is no peace in our country, we are burning our own people. Those soldiers are sacrificing their lives to save ourselves from outsiders and we are here killing each other, burning our own people to death and destroying our own property.

Jath Protest-PTI.jpg

What did they get burning the schools? Would they be able to learn anything under the reservation quota when there would be no school, no college, not a single person under that roof? The famous proverb, a dirty fish can contaminate the whole pond. The similar way, the Jats have buried the name of their clan. Not all the people related to the event would be agreed at first place but then the dirty ones influenced them and provoked them to do such act.

We are in a country where protests are nothing new to us, every time when people want to raise their voice or want government to listen to them, they choose to protest in one or the other way. So, Now Jats are protesting for reservation, but what a way they have chosen to express their demands? – killing innocents and burning their property. It’s a shame that people can kill others to make sure that they can get a job easily, people can kill burn others to make sure that they get admissions easily for education. But what education will be able to teach them when they will be entering the universities because they killed people? Would that salary give them the happiness which they will getting because they burn other’s shops?

Protesting for our demands is not at all wrong, even India’s constitution gives us the right to protest. But the limits must be defined to make sure that innocent people don’t lose their lives, to make sure that children won’t be made orphans anymore, to make sure country won’t be burnt. Killing people is a crime, whether it’s been done by a terrorist or we call it a protest. Criteria cannot be different to decide a murder.

But the question is why to differentiate people? Why to make these clan sort of things?  Aren’t we humans? Can’t we work for the thing called humanity? Aren’t we same? Then again these questions remain unanswered.

If government grants reservation for killing others, burning shops, destroying public property, then it might be a start of new way of protesting for our demands, -The Violent One. No one has the right to set our county on fire. No matter what. Everything comes later, Constitution and country comes first. Someone has to take initiative to define limits of such things. We need a full stop so our country can move forward instead of people fighting for being backward.

-An Article by Ashwani Shakya and Samridhi Garg

The Midnight Drama

It was around 1 o’clock at night. He suddenly woke up by continuous vibration of his mobile phone. He somehow entered the password to unlock the mobile phone as backlight of his  mobile phone’s screen was pricking in to his eyes. He was surprised as he looked at the notifications in his phone. One of his friends had created a group on WhatsApp with only three members in the it- he, Ankita -his ex girlfriend and the friend himself.
He was shocked to see it, and wanted to figure out what was going on.
“What happened, what’s this group is all about?” He texted in the group but no one replied.
“What happened, why did you created that group?” He asked his friend by texting him in personal chat.
“Wait!!” That’s all he got as reply.
But how could he wait? He wanted to know what is going on, but he had no other option then to wait. His mind started playing with him once again. All those memories started revolving in his mind which had become blurry with time. He already had so many unanswered questions buried in his heart and this mysterious group was adding up few more questions to that cemetery. He was curious to know why he and his ex girlfriend had been added in the group?
He was out of his mind, and continuously texting his friend but he was getting no reply. Suddenly he got a notification from his friend and as he touched his mobile phone’s screen to open the notification, he saw that his friend had sent him an image. He looked into the image, it was the screenshot of chat between his friend and Ankita. Ankita was saying that she does not want him to give any false hope of coming back in to his life.
“But he is still living with that hope” His friend replied.
“Then it’s his problem I cannot help him.” She replied to his friend.
The screenshot had only these three messages. He had gone blank after reading all this.
“ Why you did all this?” He texted his friend.
“ You have no idea you have done something that can make my life a hell again. I will be blamed for something that I never did. I never asked you to do anything like this, I never asked you to try to convince her. You should have told me, you should have asked me before doing anything related to me.” He added.


In reply to his texts, he got few more screenshots. He did not want to read any of the messages in the screenshots. He already had the idea that what these messages were all about. But still he started reading the messages. It was hard to understand the conversation as screenshots were not sent in the correct order and many of the messages were missing, so he was trying to figure out what the conversation is all about by reading it again and again.
“I can’t talk to him as I don’t know him anymore.” She said.
“Ankita, you loved him. How can you say it? Please chat in the group, he will feel better.” His friend pleaded.
“O come on! Please end it now, I was like an angel when I was with him and when I left him, all of a sudden, you all started imprecating  me.” She replied.
“I admit few people blamed you, but he did not say anything. What was his fault?” his friend asked.
“He did not say anything, it was his fault, none of my friends asked me what’s wrong with me just because of him, it was his fault. Even when I was in relationship with him, his friends were used to check out me, they wanted to use me as a girl, but they failed and that’s why today every one hate me and I am sure he knew everything. I am sure he was the one who encouraged his friends to do so.” She blamed him again.
“He is not the one who could ever do anything like this, that’s for sure. He still loves you and even after months of the break up, he miss you, you are still in his heart.” His friend tried to clarify.
“ Haha, he still miss me, then it’s the perfect proof that how much I loved him that he cannot forget me, and I can guarantee one thing that he will never be able to forget me.” She said in her last text.
After reading all these texts, he was feeling like someone has beaten up his head with a heavy hammer. All these messages had was the lie or half truth. He was wondering that she was lying willingly or these lies and half truths were the everything she knew. He was already broken into pieces and all these screenshots have crushed those pieces too. It was not the first time that he was being blamed for something he did not do, but this time only difference was that he did nothing to prove himself right, even after knowing that all those allegations will be believed to be correct if he don’t try to prove them wrong. Still, he did not try to discharge himself of these allegations because he had failed once when he tried. No one listened to him when he had so much to say. All this mid night drama did not change anything in his life except it broke him a little more, killed him a little more, made him hate his life a little more and added one more sleepless night to his life.

I am a boy and it does not prove that I am at fault every time…

“Love, relationships, she is my girlfriend, he is my boyfriend”. Almost everyone today repeat these words or lines many times a day. Almost everyone is concerned about having a girl or a boy in his or her life. Thousands of relationships start daily, many end up too. But the truth is only few of such relationships have love, rest are just noise- a loud noise. Most of the people are in relationships, not because they are in love, but because they just want to have someone in their life whom they can show off to this world as a trophy, as an achievement.

Relationships are always beautiful, but what about break ups? Break ups are painful even worse, it can’t be defined. But there is a condition, a condition that you will only feel the pain if you were seriously in love with your partner. If you were not, then break up is just a word in your dictionary nothing more than this. If you broke up with someone, you must be thinking what about your partner? He was in love with you, he must be feeling the pain. Don’t think much about it because nobody cares or at least u don’t, that’s for sure.

And what after break up? Do life changes? The answer is yes, for both the girls and the boys, but if I ask what are the changes? Then the answer would be different. It’s so simple for the world to judge, any boy can be blamed just because somewhere in this world few guys are not loyal. Even if someone knows nothing about what happened he can conclude that the boy must be the culprit. Then, the boy is supposed to answer everyone, and if he does, he is trying to seek sympathy, and if he don’t answer, he must be at fault that’s why he is not explaining things.

Story does not end here, he is supposed to be happy because she found someone and she is happy with his new better half. It becomes even worse if both of them have few friends in common. They will ask about break up, they will try to know every reason for ending up such a beautiful relationship. Then he will blamed again by her just to prove herself right. Suddenly she will start telling everyone that he is an irritating guy and once, as told by her, he was a perfect man. He will turn into a guy who never cared for her from being someone who cares for her most. Is she lying now? Or she lied when she said all those lines?

Story does not even end here, then he tries everything to move on. But people keep reminding him of all those things that he did for her. They do this just to show him that they were right when they said that she does not worth having. They keep reminding him that he fought with them just for her and, as now she has left, they will not leave a single chance to show that they were right when they said that she was not the right girl to be in relationship with. They will do everything to make him suffer even more.


Story does not even end here, memories keep haunting him. He sees her number on his mobile phone’s screen but cannot press the dial button. She has been given clean chit because she said few good solid dialogues, but he is still wondering every night that what the hell he did wrong by caring for her? Why is he being punished so badly just for loving her? Why does he need to answer the world if no one really cares about what he has to say and  if everyone is already having their own pre-assumed answers?

After this much of torture, he ends up being a guy who don’t care for this world anymore, who do not care for anything. He makes distances with all his friends, he just want to run away somewhere where no one knows him. He just want to get rid of everyone who keeps reminding him of her. He starts avoiding his friends because they have proved that they don’t care. He starts doubting everyone, he starts being selfish and he eventually turns himself into a guy, that world want him to be.

Just being a boy does not prove that he is at fault every time. Just because he did not cry in public, doesn’t mean boys don’t have emotions.


This post is not against the girls, it’s not to prove that girls are selfish or emotionless. I have posted it just to tell you all that every guy is not same and he is not always what you think of him. I just wanted to tell you all that boys too have emotions. Please stop judging people, you never know what they are suffering from. Thanks for reading.

Let me die first…

The Crowd shouted and Teachers were on their feet. It was the last lap of 1600 metre Dash. Whoever crosses the finishing line first will be Best Athlete 2008. Aaditya won!! He won the title for the 3rd time in a row. He was so delighted that his hands were up in the air celebrating and even before he could stop running gave a flying kiss to his girl, who is standing in the very first row and  he saw her blushed. She tried hiding herself among crowd as she could not stop blushing. Akansha, his love, his girlfriend for last two years. Her lips wore a smile. She looked no less than a movie actress wearing uniform, with unclipped hair that danced in air and those brown eyes that locked with his eyes. She was damn cute.
Aaditya at once stopped in front of her and looked at each other. The crowd was still shouting but they cared less. He wanted to hug her at that very moment. He felt the love that encircled him as she looked him through her heart. Her smile revealed how happy she was. But on a sudden it faded. The teachers rushed towards Aaditya, he hit the ground. Akansha couldn’t figure out what happened. Teachers surrounded him. They rubbed his hands, splashed water in his face but he lied unconscious. Akansha was too nervous and panicked. She badly wanted to be near him but she couldn’t even look at him as he was surrounded by teachers. Meanwhile they took him to hospital as he didn’t open his eyes. Akansha trembled and she could not see him going away from her. She rushed to the master.

“Sir, ple…please let me go with him, I….I will take care of him” She stammered with sobs.

“Dear! We are here to take care of him, he’ll be fine, you don’t worry. Now go home!” He went.

How she would not worry when her heart completely drained. But she had no option except going home. As soon as she reached home she rushed to hospital with her mother. Those thirty minutes travel to hospital seemed like ages for her. She either couldn’t stop crying or thinking about him. What she was going to do. She started to pray with sobs. She lied in her mother’s lap and cried. But she wanted Aadi in that place. He was still in her eyes. As she reached hospital, she ran to her teachers near the stairs.

“Sir, where is Aaditya, Is he alright?” she was going crazy.

“He is fine now, he is with doctors and his check-ups are going. It may be of heat that he went unconscious” he paused and then added
“He will be fine, don’t worry”.

She thanked god and waited for the doctor to come. She felt relieved. But doctor came and he looked little stressed and asked for Aaditya’s family. But what was that??

“What happened to him? Is he alright?” Akansha got terrified again.

“There is something serious. Let his family arrive” Doctor replied.

“I am his family, I love him, and he is my life. Please tell me” she pleaded.
Meanwhile Aaditya’s mom reached there.
“Where is Aaditya?” she asked.

“His mom is here, now please tell me what’s wrong” Akansha interfered.

“He have stage IV-B cancer, and it’s too late now. We shall try our best but he has only few more weeks left with him. It’s up to you whether to tell him or not. Here are his reports” he left.

Akansha felt her head had been beaten by hammer. Her ground below scattered.  She went near his room but could not enter the room. She gets down on her knees outside the room; she felt the ground beneath her feet had slipped away. She couldn’t stop her tears and had no courage to enter the room. She somehow managed to stand up and entered the room.
Aaditya smiled at her. Akansha ran into his arms “You terrified me Aadi” she couldn’t hold longer thus bursted into tears.

“Hey love, I am alright, don’t worry. Doctor told nothing is serious” he hugged her tight.

From then everything changed for Akansha. The fear of losing him pricked her heart. She often said Aaditya to be with her forever. Aaditya had no idea about this and he promised her with a kiss. Though he can’t keep his promise, she still believed he will be with her forever.

It was 26th of November, they completed three years of their relationship. They met at Taj Palace, the place where they dated first. They recalled the memories of their first date; Aaditya went closer to Akansha and on a sudden got down on his knees. He took a ring from his pocket and asked, “Will you marry me?” Akansha was dumbstruck. Tears rolled down her cheek. Aaditya hugs her. For a moment, she forgets everything and hugs him as she was never going to hug and said she will marry him. They forgot about their surroundings. Akansha closed her eyes and tightened her grip. She was lost in another world being inside his arms. Suddenly they heard a sound, a loud sound and everyone ran towards exit. Before they could recognize, two guys entered the hall in black cloths and long boots with guns in their hands. They started to fire recklessly. Both Aditya and Akansha hid behind a table. Aaditya holds her hand tightly and looked deep into her eyes. Those terrorists fired whoever strikes their sight. One of the terrorist kicks the table behind which Aaditya and Akansha hid. Both understood that they cannot hide anymore; they stood with their hands still holding. The guys shot both and saw them fell to the ground. Akansha holds a smile in her lips and said, “Dying with you is better than living without you, love u”. Both of them closed their eyes. They died but their love stays forever with their souls.


We Call Them The Future Of Our Nation, Are We Serious?

Children- whenever we hear this word, images of kids start revolving in our mind, who go to school, who play in the park at evenings. Well, you are thinking right, they are children. But, are there any children who are not part of these images created by our mind?

Will your brain show picture of a child selling tea at railway station when you hear the word children?
Will your brain show picture of a child selling roses outside tourist places or malls?



Well, I know the answer. Our mind won’t show any of such images, but there are children who are beyond our imagination. They hardly understand the meaning of words like education, future of nation etc. They are also children, they are also the part of nation’s future. But, the truth is that they are somehow arranging food to survive. Standing outside a mall in New Delhi, or visiting tourist places or parks will make the picture clear. You can easily see small kids, wearing dirty clothes, trying to sell you something. Its the condition of New Delhi,capital of India, situation of  other cities is even worse. Can you imagine their future? Ok, lets not think about future. Can you imagine there present? Its very tough to even imagine what their lives are. Just go back to your childhood for few minutes and think what if you were in their places,trying to sell roses so you can have a little food. Its Scary! Isn’t it?

Most of us will understand the meaning of ‘ ‘CHILD POVERTY’. Its simple, children who are living their life in poverty, children who come from poor families or orphans being raised with limited, or in some cases absent resources. It’s killing their childhood as well as it’s killing them too. They are too small to understand all this and can’t to anything about it. But we are mature enough, we understand everything. Are we doing something about it?

Now the question arises that what can we do for them? We can do whatever we are able to do. Next time when you visit somewhere and see any of such children, just give them a little money even if you don’t wish to buy anything. It might cost you only a burger of McDonald’s or a Coffee of CCD. But it will make sure that they can have food for their hungry stomach. It will bring smile to their face and trust me that smile will be more satisfying to you than the burger or coffee. We say that money can’t buy happiness, but actually money can. You can buy a little happiness for them with you money. Just think about it, you can gift them a little childhood.